Ethic is not a brand coming out of nowhere, even though it’s all new, it already has a past, a story, objectives, some wishes, and a certain legitimacy.
Created after the failure of District and Addict, Ethic dtc wants to put ethic in the center of everything. In an environment ruled by money, we made the choice of reducing margins, betting on the development, respecting our sport’s spirit. We want high quality parts to be accessible to anyone. The objective is to make everyone realize that something else is possible, to make the riders independent, and allow them to make the choices that will give the good image of scootering.
It’s clear that we are not perfect, and as the way we chose is not the easiest, it might be long. But our fight won’t be short-lived and we will push things to the limits to mark a new step in the story of our sport and passion.

Here’s the pre-birth video, you should take the time to watch it as it will bring you all the info you need about the «behind the scene»,why and how we started.